Effects commonly associated with each cannabis strain.

Apr 12th 2022

Effects commonly associated with each cannabis strain.

12 Cannabis Strains for Energy, Focus, Creativity, and More

Indica Cannabies

N°1 Indica Zkittlez: flavor fruity and sweet. Effects focus, relaxation.

Hybrid Wedding Cake

N°2 Hybrid Wedding Cake: flavor sweet and earthy. Effects helps insomnia, appetite.

Sativa Sour Diesel

N°3 Sativa Sour Diesel: flavor pungent, sour. Effects energizing pain relief.

Hybrid Gelato

N° Hybrid Gelato: flavor sherbert, sweet, and minty. Effects euphoria, helps fatigue.

Hybrid Cherry Pie

N°5 Hybrid Cherry Pie: flavor sour cherry, sweet. Effects giggly, stress relief.

Indica Purple Punch

N°6 Indica Purple Punch: flavor grape, candy, sweet. Effects sleepy, nausea relief.

Hybrid Blueberry

N°7 Hybrid Blueberry OG: flavor blueberry, camphor. Effects appetite, anti-anxiety.

Hybrid Pineapple

N°8 Hybrid Pineapple Express: flavor pineapple, sweet. Effects alert & creative, pain relief.

Sativa Strawberry

N°10 Sativa Strawberry Cough: flavor strawberry, skunky. Effects euphoria, stress relief.

Hybrid Tropicana Cough

N°11 Hybrid Tropicana Cookies: flavor citrus, cookies. Effects: energizing, appetite.

Hybrid Apple Fritter

N°12 Hybrid Apple Fritter: flavor apple pastry, earthy. Effects helps insomnia, stress

Hybrid Gushers

N°13 Hybrid Gushers: flavor sour fruits, cookies. Effects relieves nausea & pain.