Fireworks All Year: Is Your Dog Stressing Out?

Jul 21st 2021

Fireworks All Year: Is Your Dog Stressing Out?

Fourth of July has come and gone – and all of that extra red, white and blue stuff has been stored away for next year. So, no more fireworks, right?

Eh…not so fast. In many communities around America, fireworks are becoming an everyday phenomenon. People just can't get enough of big booms and bangs.

One problem with this is that another trend is around dog ownership. More people are keeping furry friends in their homes or in their yards, and the bad news is, most dogs really hate fireworks.

Stress and Different Breeds

Now, it's a little complicated, because some breeds of dogs and some personalities hate fireworks a lot more than others

In general, your dog is sensitive to fireworks because his or her sense of hearing is particularly acute. That means for the your dog, the fireworks are probably louder than they are for you and me.

But there's also the highly intelligent breeds like Jack Russells and other kinds of terriers who particularly cower in the corner when fireworks go off.

Some larger dogs may not mind as much – although talking to a range of pet owners, almost all of the dog owners we know say their dogs are not fond of the big explosions.

De-Stressing Your Dog

If you're plagued with neighbors who consider fireworks to be a regular nightcap, you probably already called the police several times to no avail. It's really hard to enforce the kinds of noise ordinances that keep people from setting fireworks off.

But there's another way to help your dog to relax, even when things are booming in the background

CBD oil can be an effective calming method for a canine or other pet. For example, CBD is also being used for horses who are under stress from things like training or stressors/dangers in their local environment.

Dosing and CBD

We have a range of neat options for your dog as well as CBDfor other pets. Our catalog has different dosages and strength that you can look at figure out how much to give your dog by weight. You can also see that CBD helps with other conditions like inflammation, arthritis and allergies. So that may affect the dosing as well.

In general, natural CBD is an immune booster that has antioxidants as well as items that bind to receptors in the body. That's true for you and your dog, too, so a lot of dog owners like to take CBD along with their canine companion. Browse the website and take a look and see what you want to buy for your regular CBD routine.