Top days of the year for using Pet CBD

Dec 15th 2021

Top days of the year for using Pet CBD

We've talked before about the actual science of this, and how CBD calms down your

pet. But let's talk about some of the most popular uses of these products during a

calendar year.

When do we see a lot of sales?

Consider these calendar dates and whether your furry friend could benefit from a bit of

CBD to help deal with anxiety. Cannabis has a lot of overall wellness value for both

people and pets, but it has more specific applications, too.

Fourth of July

People love fireworks, but dogs are usually not as enthusiastic.

The fourth July is prime firework time, and things can get very stressful for your four-

legged friend. CBD can help as can keeping your dog inside and away from the loud

noises as much as possible. Does your town have a fireworks ordinance? If not, there’s

no limit to the booms and bangs that might have your canine clawing the carpet and

whining under the bed.

New Year's Day

New Year's Day is another calendar day where lots of people like to give their dog a

CBD treat. First, it's a celebratory time, so having special treats is a good idea. But

there's also quite a lot of fireworks on this day, and even people shooting off guns in

some cases, which consists of a lot of that loud noise the dogs don't like!


Maybe you're getting ready to host family around Thanksgiving or Christmas. This is

another popular time for delivering CBD treats to pet owners so that they can calm their

animals as they get an unusual amount of company in the house. Animals can be

territorial and stressed out by having a lot of visitors in their personal spaces, which they

often considered to be their “nests.” In some cases, CBD can help the animal to relax

and be less aggressive.

Doctor Visits

Whenever your pet is making a trip to the veterinarian, he or she may have extra

anxiety. So this can be another good time to break out the CBD.

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