Why do people buy their pets CBD?

Nov 23rd 2021

Why do people buy their pets CBD?

That's a really good question, and there are several answers for it.

In general, an interest in CBD is sweeping the nation. The people are starting to recognize the wide spectrum of health and wellness uses for something that comes from a natural green substance.

Years ago, all of this was prohibited. Nobody dared to experiment with CBD, because of the classification of some types of cannabis plants as a controlled substance.

But all that is changing. In today's society, we’re increasingly able to really look at cannabis as a whole, and consider it as a potentially healthy and useful substance with particular science behind it.

Now let's talk a little bit about pets. People can give pets CBD to deal with conditions like arthritis, or even more severe types of chronic disease.

However, a lot of people simply give pet CBD to help try to control their moods, especially in stressful circumstances. Let’s talk a little bit about how that works, so you can see why pet owners love our products.

A Dog's Life

When you really think about it, a dog's life is fraught with emotional issues. A lot of these are tied to the dog’s more sensitive senses. Most dogs smell better (with their noses, not as perfumed bodies), and hear better, than the typical human. That means sounds are louder, and smells are stronger. Dogs also have some pretty sophisticated social personalities, where they can be threatened or offended by other dogs’ behavior.

Then dogs have to interact with humans, too, and not all dogs always appreciate this. In particular, some dogs are territorial and feel that certain humans are threatening.

All of this means that there will likely be some stressful points in your dog's life. Here's where CBD comes in. People often feel that giving the dog a bit of this substance can help calm them down, and get them through the more stressful moments and times.

Obviously, having an engaged owner and soothing attention is the primary help to the dog, but CBD can be a good supplement for trying to calm the dog down.

That's a little bit about why many people use our products and offers on our website. We aim to be among the top e-commerce drop shippers of pet CBD products to families all over the country. Try our stuff and you’ll see our dedication to detail and wellness for your critter.